Mills Act 2010: Calvin Straub’s Mello House, 1957, Pasadena

In 2010, I had the privilege of writing the successful nomination for listing the Mello House, 1957, in the National Register of Historic Places.

I was then asked by the owner to apply for the Mills Act, as the family trust wished to sell the home with permanent safeguards. Under a Mills Act contract, the house was assured its continuity and restorative measures, and the new owners were assured of significant savings in property taxes. The house was designed by Calvin Straub just as Buff, Straub and Hensman was establishing itself as one of the most influential postwar American firms and known for its post-and-beam dwellings beautifully integrated into their settings.

We were successful, and now this powerful incentive for buyers is in place. The house recently sold for approximately 1.6 million, a low price.

1960 photograph, courtesy of the Mello Family Trust; 2010, by barbara lamprecht

One Response to “Mills Act 2010: Calvin Straub’s Mello House, 1957, Pasadena”
  1. Paul Lupus says:

    I spent a lot of hours as a child in that magic house. It was such a restorative and lively environment.


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