Why It’s OK To Like Ornament, Or Why Ornament Matters

  Lamprecht Ornament chapter headings Lamprecht Ornament Part I Struggling With Ornament Lamprecht Ornament Part II Expanding on the Elusive Ornament Lamprecht Ornament Part III immorality and ornament, roast beef and sugar tongs Lamprecht Ornament Part IV ornament in the realm of environmental psychology


Born January 1, 1928 and raised in Houston, John Arthur Blanton graduated from Rice University, earning a B.A. in 1948 and a B.S. in architecture in 1949. He worked his way up in Richard Neutra’s practice from apprentice to “collaborator,” becoming one of the master’s trusted lead project architects in the so-called “Golden Era” of … Continue reading

From Brain to Building and Back: Two Conferences on Architecture and Neuroscience

Two conferences on neuroscience and architecture, the first in September and oriented to science, the second in November more weighted in architecture and architectural theory, are a comment itself on the growing recognition of the potential connection between the two disciplines. It’s difficult not to compare the two gatherings. Both venues were seminal works designed … Continue reading

Is Fallingwater Modern? Not According to the Wall Street Journal

Is Frank Lloyd Wright a Modernist? Is Fallingwater Modern? I was stunned by one part of a short Q-and-A published May 7, 2011 in the Wall Street Journal, titled “What’s So Great About Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater?” It begins, The fabled house Frank Lloyd Wright built for the Kaufmann family over a stream in southwestern … Continue reading

Mills Act 2010: Calvin Straub’s Mello House, 1957, Pasadena

In 2010, I had the privilege of writing the successful nomination for listing the Mello House, 1957, in the National Register of Historic Places. I was then asked by the owner to apply for the Mills Act, as the family trust wished to sell the home with permanent safeguards. Under a Mills Act contract, the … Continue reading