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Die Ideen des Richard Neutra: The Ideas of Richard Neutra

This is a wonderful and little-known documentary. The Viennese-American Modern architect Richard Neutra (1892 – 1970) not only discusses but in a very physical way demonstrates his radical, prescient ideas about how to design for the human being. The setting is his birth home, Vienna, where Neutra gets to show off in the best sense … Continue reading

TRAPPED BY MIDCENTURY MORES: Mary Roberts teaches Richard Neutra a Painful Life Lesson

There are lots of great stories about how a house came to be. Architect and client so very pleased at the handsome outcome. Beautiful photographs. Big smiles. And then there are the other stories.   One such project haunted its architect, Richard Neutra … yet looking at the house in question, you’d swear it was … Continue reading

“The Landscape Architect Cannot Come Later!”

Richard Neutra’s Ideas and Strategies in Landscape

Jardinette Apartments, 1929, Richard Neutra with R.M. Schindler

The Jardinette Apartments, Richard Neutra with Rudolf Schindler, 1929, Hollywood. 

Intertwined Agendas: Comparing the Lovell houses, Schindler and Neutra

Notes for a Talk: Comparing the “Two Lovells,” Rudolf M. Schindler’s Lovell Beach House, Newport Beach, 1926; Richard J. Neutra’s Lovell Health House, Los Angeles, 1929.  A PORTRAIT OF INTERTWINED AGENDAS –  Transcending Style Both architects and both buildings attempt to transcend the constraints of “style,” and in that both support Adolf Loos’s famous dictum … Continue reading

Why It’s OK To Like Ornament, Or Why Ornament Matters

  Lamprecht Ornament chapter headings Lamprecht Ornament Part I Struggling With Ornament Lamprecht Ornament Part II Expanding on the Elusive Ornament Lamprecht Ornament Part III immorality and ornament, roast beef and sugar tongs Lamprecht Ornament Part IV ornament in the realm of environmental psychology

Ionic Perspectives: Neutra’s VDL Studio, a Dwell Video

Ionic Perspectives: Neutra’s VDL Studio, a Dwell Video


Born January 1, 1928 and raised in Houston, John Arthur Blanton graduated from Rice University, earning a B.A. in 1948 and a B.S. in architecture in 1949. He worked his way up in Richard Neutra’s practice from apprentice to “collaborator,” becoming one of the master’s trusted lead project architects in the so-called “Golden Era” of … Continue reading