Die Ideen des Richard Neutra: The Ideas of Richard Neutra

This is a wonderful and little-known documentary. The Viennese-American Modern architect Richard Neutra (1892 – 1970) not only discusses but in a very physical way demonstrates his radical, prescient ideas about how to design for the human being. The setting is his birth home, Vienna, where Neutra gets to show off in the best sense … Continue reading

“The Landscape Architect Cannot Come Later!”

Richard Neutra’s Ideas and Strategies in Landscape

Video/Movie Appearances

1. Neutra: Survival Through Design by                       2. VS Neutra – The Boomerang Chair 3. https://www.wbez.org/stories/barbara-lamprecht-the-cross-pollination-of-american-and-european-architecture-shown-through-the-work-of-richard-neutra/e1442ea0-9f64-4f84-953a-c5c978b23995

Jardinette Apartments, 1929, Richard Neutra with R.M. Schindler

The Jardinette Apartments, Richard Neutra with Rudolf Schindler, 1929, Hollywood. 

Ionic Perspectives: Neutra’s VDL Studio, a Dwell Video

Ionic Perspectives: Neutra’s VDL Studio, a Dwell Video

Video Lecture: The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, ANFA – “How to Stretch Space: Neutra’s Extraordinary Roots in Science and Landscape”

Visiting Neutra’s VDL Research II with Globe Trekkers

The British program on global adventures tours Los Angeles Modernism