barbara lamprecht, m.arch., ph.d.

more than a modern building historian

equipping 20th century buildings for the 21st

. Building histories for owners, buyers, and sellers
. Regulatory compliance: Section 106, CEQA, EIR impacts analysis,
Secretary of the Interior Standards
. Mills Act applications (a contract for conserving historic properties in
exchange for reductions in property taxes)
. Technical reports: evaluating buildings for significance
. Hands-on restoration, adaptive reuse, and design consulting. I offer a unique
service in coordinating the best trade professionals with excellent design skills
that are grounded in archival scholarship. “Best,” by the way, doesn’t mean the
most expensive. It means people expert in skills, good-hearted, resilient, and
ethical. Problems are part of the process, and it’s how they are resolved that
matters. I love materials, products, procedures … and how fine architecture
improves the fluidity of our lives.

626 264 7600 c
550 e. jackson st.
pasadena ca 91104-3621

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