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  • January 12 Lecture at the Goethe-Institut Chicago: Richard Neutra Bridging American and European Modern Architecture

    I lectured on Richard Neutra’s own ‘crossroad’ in America, Chicago, where he arrived “one drizzly morning at the Illinois Central depot” in 1924: Chicago, where Frank Lloyd Wright, Adolf Loos, Louis Sullivan, and Jane Addams all converged in that great city where the American heartland met  the steel skyscraper and fell in love … Please … Continue reading

    “Where Frontier and Avant Garde Converge: Neutra, Wright, and Bakersfield”

    BMOA Neutra Wright Exhibition through March 6

    Open through Sunday, March 6th, the exhibition at the Bakersfield Museum of Art focuses on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra from the 1930s to the 1960s. These include Wright’s Ablin House, 1961, and Neutra’s built and unbuilt projects in Bakersfield, including the unbuilt but beautifully rendered Falcon Flyer Country Club from … Continue reading


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