Dead Man Walking? The Kronish House in Beverly Hills

Early rendering. Richard J.Neutra, Kronish House, 1953, pastel on paper, courtesy Palm Springs Art Museum.

©barbaralamprecht2011 The Beverly Hills City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 2 turned from regular into extraordinary. The meeting began at 7:17, and the room was packed for one agenda item: the proposed ministerial demolition of the Richard Neutra’s Kronish House. After normal city business including city pensions and trees that blocked expensive view corridors, Linda Dishman, … Continue reading

Responding to Rem: Is preservation really a creeping disease?

I’ve been intrigued by the recent attacks on preservation, initially by Rem Koolhaus/OMA’s exhibition Cronocaos at the New Museum in New York, which closed June 6th; the title, presumably, grafting chronos, time, to chaos. Many articles and blogs posted responses to this provocative exhibition, but the NYT op-ed piece by Sarah Williams Goldhagen, Death by Nostalgia … Continue reading


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